Wifey Rosé Sparkling Wine

If you’re looking for the perfect glass of wine, something elegant, refreshing, vibrant, and of course, crisp, look no further – Wifey Rosé sparkling wine is here to deliver a premium bottle of Rosé.

And trust us, once you’ve tasted Wifey Rosé you’ll never try another.


Made With 100% Raboso Grapes

When we were developing Wifey Rosé, we tried different grapes and blended in our quest to develop the perfect bottle of rosé, we tried different types of grapes until we landed on one that we felt satisfied everything that we were looking for.

Wifey Rosé is made with 100% Raboso grapes that are harvested from the beautiful Veneto region of northeast Italy – just between the mountains and the Adriatic Sea. We harvest our grapes each and every year during the first week of September, when they’re at their prime picking stage.

From there, we begin our intensive, meticulous, and careful fermentation process utilizing the charmat method that helps to give Wifey Rosé it’s signature taste – which we just know you’ll love. Complete with a bouquet of ripe fruits, delicate fruity scents of wild strawberries and raspberry, the Wifey Rosé is an experience all on its own.

The Perfect Glass of Rosé

Wifey Rosé features a fresh and fragrant taste with a strong structure. It pleasantly reflects the natural fruit scents of the strawberries and raspberries that we incorporate into the fermentation process, and it offers a slightly savory and persistent finish that makes this wine perfect on its own or when paired with foods.

It is recommended that Wifey Rosé is best served at temperature of around 42 – 46°F.

The Perfect Pairing Wine

Although we love to drink our Wifey Rosé on its own, it also pairs very well with meals. It works well with starters, light pasta dishes, fish and white meat, and it’s excellent with raw or cooked crustaceans and tartare!

Quality with Every Bottle

For us, nothing is more important than guaranteeing quality with every bottle. We want our customers to know what to expect every time they pop the cork to Wifey Rosé – excellence, premium taste, and love being poured into every glass.

Celebrate Love. Say Yes to Wifey.